yomega lube

i just put some of this on and now my bearing is having the same problems of when I put wd-40 on…

yomega brain lube is like yoyojam thick lube… except THICKER

so if i put yoyo jam thin lube on will it back to normal???

It will eliminate the thick lube and break in faster.

i didnt waste money on lube. since i play the trumpet, i used trumpet valve oil, and it works great. its probably cheaper than yoyojam lube anyway. i know that my dark magic performed better.

hope this helps!

geez… I think I will be ordering a new bearing…

I tried to yoyo jam thin lube and my yo yo is back to its good spin but it is very responsive!!!

clean the bearing with mineral spirits, then put half a drop of thin lube in the bearing. You dont need much at all.

run it dry, like me ;D


Then in time your bearing will be junk because nothing is protecting it.

Don’t you hear an aweful lot about YYF centertrac bearings crapping out too fast? Lot of it happening. Well this is because they want you to buy more bearings. I DO NOT suggest running any bearing dry. it won’t help your spin times or anything.

Think about it. I have had several yoyo’s with spin times that would blow your mind. I’m talking 10 minutes or better. They all had thin lube in them.

if your bearing has become responsive with too much lube then you can reclean it and put that half of a drop of thin lube in it. Play it for a little while and it will be perfectly unresponsive and lubed to protect against friction.


my bearing is all fixed now…