My bearing stopped spinning

Today I was playing with my reasently purchesed DNA yoyo and suddenly my ball bearing stopped spinning… what should I do?

If you haven’t done anything to the bearing but play then you should try this.

You have to bring it back to your hand with a bind. :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly do you mean by “it stopped spinning?”

(By the way, thank you for making an appropriate title for your topic. It makes me happy :D)

Put a small drop of thin lube in the bearing, and just play with it. It will get better.

Thanks for the replyes :slight_smile:

I changed the bearing and everything works fine, so I guess its just a matter of cleaning the bearing.

icthus, whos mail is this?

And Samad, I just want to understand somthing. I got a thin yoyojam lube and put it on my DNA a month ago. It made it quiet, but decreased its spinning time significatly… if this is what thin lube does, why do we use it?

I think you should wait for sometime…
And don’t put it too much on your bearing…

Did you clean the bearing?
YYF bearing shouldnt be cleaned, i heard they are pre lubed
So cleaning YYF bearing could damage the bearing itself
It happend with my G5s dorothy and a SPEC that i bought for my Virus, which now become useless

Are you serious? Read the email address. its Ben McPhee @ yoyofactory. Thats about as self explanitory as it gets. lol

Thanks for explaining how email addresses work. my life will never be the same.
And on a complitly diffrent subject - who is Ben McPhee?

and Kristiawan, I did not clean it yet… you say that I shouldn’t?

Ben McPhee is the Product and Brand Manager for YoYoFactory.

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I just had a very bad experience with ‘clean the YYF bearing’ thing
In fact, it happens to some of my friend
Mineral spirits, paint thiner, lighter fluid, butane fuel, WD 40, and even a carburetor cleaner are harmful to the bearing (me and my friend has try it all, and belive me, it turn out to be not good, WD 40 is the worst of them, it make the bearing noisy, scary noisy)
Even though we put a thin lube on it, it didnt plas as same as before

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Then you didn’t clean it correctly.

This. My SPEC’s never had problems with cleaning.

We use it in order to lubricate the bearing. Your bearing stopped spinning because there was no lube in it. If you put the lube in it, sure, it will significantly lower spin time, and probably make it responsive, but its always a good idea to have lube in your bearing. So long as you play with it and wear it in, the bearing will eventually play as good as it did.

Then how is the correct way to clean a SPEC?
Is it right to deshield, cleand, dryed, relube, reshild?
Or anything else?
Or its just me?

That is about right. SPEC bearings can be cleaned like any other bearing. Here is a good page that goes into detail about bearing maintenance. Honestly I’m not a fan of the YoYoFactory bearings. They have problems more often than any other bearing I’ve used. Never in my life have I ever had a problem with a YoYoJam Bearing though.