HELP!!!!oh my god! my bearing turns bad

I bought a genesis for a few day`
i spin the bearing at the first time,it can spins about 6-9 seconds
but later i add some lob to it for reducing it noise
about a day later, it can only spin for a seconds,… :-[

help me !! what is the problem and what should i do???

Theres nothing wrong with your bearing. Its better than it not spinning at all right? How much “lob” did you put in it?

the sleep time of the yoyo reduced since the bearing got worse, the spin time of the bearing greatly reduced.

I just add two small drop in it`

Nothing is broken, you are merely experiencing the cause and effect of adding oil to a bearing. Go break it in and everything will be fine.

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[Go break it in ] what is that mean?

Play it.

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This happened to me too unfortunately.
It’s the lube; did u put 2 drops in straight from the bottle or pin drops, because the more you put the less it’ll spin? You’re gonna need to just play with it to slowly reduce the lube.

how long will it be well?

With lube, the bearing will last longer than a bearing without lube.
If you mean how long will it take till it gets back to normal, I would say at least a couple of weeks if you play with it every day; I put lube on my Genesis like 3 weeks ago and it’s still playing slowly. The more you play with it, the less time it should take.

:o oh my god~ lol

Putting Thin lube over thick lube to get rid of the Thick lube? Nope that is just going to keep it responsive, if you want it unresponsive again without having to work down the lube you will need to clean the bearing in mineral spirits or light fluid and THEN add one tiny drop of THIN lube to protect the bearing.

you might have put too much lube. you can blow it out with compressed air. Also, thin lube does get rid of thick lube. I tried.

Yes I am saying exactly that, check the other bearing cleaning threads, others have pointed this out before and it has been stated that his exact wording was incorrect, he was filming these video clips and guess what all of the text matches his words in the video, go through them, a lot of them have text that matches speech but doesn’t make sense.

MAYBE but the point is that the bearing is responsive and wont spin for long, your reply if followed would just push more gunk into the bearing. Do you clean laundry by putting more dirt in your load, or do you remove the dirt with laundry detergent? My response would clean the bearing of all gunk and re-lube thus freeing the balls inside of the bearing from anything that would impede their movement. Rather than be a troll and point out how incorrect someone may or may not be, why don’t you just correct the person who may be wrong, or suggest an alternate method of achieving the same outcome.

couldn’t have put it better…

Yeah, even if Andre’s video was wrong, this would explain everything:

(Taken from )

Alright, I think this thread is done. Answer is directly above.