Lube problem

Hey guys, I have a problem…again. a few minutes ago I put a little Thin Lube on my Atmosphere’s bearing, and when I spin the bearing with my finger I notice it doesn’t spin as freely anymore. I played with it, and now it’s become tug responsive, and lost some spin time. Sounds like what happens when you put on Thick Lube right? I’m really confused, and aggravated.

Your pose was most likely dry before you had added the the thin lube, so adding it would have the same effect as thin lube. You just have to play with the yoyo a lot to break in the bearing again, or you could clean the bearing.

I see. Approximately how long do you think it will break in? Approximate hours of play I mean.

Nobody knows. Why discuss how long it’ll take instead of just playing with it?

I don’t know, good point.

AFter a couple of days it should wear off :smiley: