Lube Problem

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I put 2 drops of thin lube in my MYY N12 because the bearing was getting loud. Now it’s tug responsive. What should I do?


Any lube will make the yoyo more responsive. You just need to play with it a bit and it’ll slowly get less responsive.

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So if it just sits for two days it won’t get better? How long does this usually take? Also I took the yoyo apart to put the lube on, now it has a tiny amount of vibe? Does lube make your yoyo vibe at first?


You can just clean your bearing. And no, if it just sits around it wnt break in, you need to play it. And sometimes yes.

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I can’t get the bearing out of the bearing seat. How could I clean it?

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No more vibe or response issues. Thanks for the help.