slow bearing help


I got an N12 magicyoyo yoyo and I cleaned the bearing using lighter fluid and then the paper method. Now it spun pretty well but it was loud, so I added a bit of thin lube and now it’s quite but spins for a mere second.any advice?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t add too much lube, I put the smallest drop I could get on a needle and placed it on one of the balls, then threw the yoyo.


I think it takes a while to break in. as long as it’s not responsive then you should be fine. Also keep in mind that a bearing will slow down if you apply lube.


the problem is that it is half responsive now


well try to play with it a while if it’s not fixed then maybe put in another bearing. Usually that happens to me as well and I just play with it for about a week and it plays just fine after.


Most any amount of lube will slow it down. You usually put in way more than you think is just a little. What I do is blow it out with compressed air after I lube it (with the shields off). I use the stuff that comes in a can from the computer store.

I doubt that it’s a problem with the bearing itself.


It may just be the bearing, MYY doesn’t QC their bearings and they are cheap. I recommend getting an OD 10 ball or similar from YYE.


I use the 10 ball MYY bearings with no problems but I do lube them a little before I play them. The 8 ball versions are loud and don’t last very long