Next generation trans=axles...?:O


Just the other day, I recieved some magazines from H.K. from my uncle there. To my surprise, the very same show that got me to start yoyoing is being aired again.:smiley: As i scrolled through what the article was about, I discovered that they have invented a new type of transaxle yoyo in which the clutch mechanism can be loosened by a switch on the cap, and thus making sleeping possible. Should i get one?:open_mouth:



You mean the Power Brain XP or the Gamma Brain.


old old yoyo.


no its some chinese one all plastic and imperial shaped


Then it’s not worth a dime. I mean there are fewer and fewer people throwing the imperial shape these days. Also I think Yomega has done that before too. Not totally sure on that though. And if it has moving parts it’s always smart to lube them. Especially if there is a bearing.


I had a Power Brain XP it was my first yoyo that I first started doing tricks on.

It broke after a while and yomega replaced it.

It is ok.

If you are going to buy a 15-20 dollar yoyo though get a journey or some other cheaper ball bearing yoyo.

I would say that the PBXP sleeps for about 5 seconds

The Journey sleeps for about 1-2 min. think

Also They both need lube

The journey will get really loud and the bearing will not last as long if you don’t lube it

The PBXP you have to lube on the axle because it doesn’t have a bearing but if you don’t lube it it will start to make a REALLY REALLY REALLY high pitch screeching noise while it sleeps.

hope this helps :wink:


That’s exactly what we mean by saying that your throw will make the sleep time. I can easily get a Brain/Power Brain to sleep for 10 seconds. Heck, I (once) got enough sleep time on an Imperial for 2 Eli Hops and still have it return to my hand.

Journey - I know people can make sleep for 3+ minutes. It all depends on your throw.

@OP - It’s good, but that’s what a Brain or Power Brain basically is except it’s either on of off (or just on).