A dramatic comeback... :)

So, after a decade i haven’t touched a yo-yo, i finally got myself one, a classical Duncan Butterfly, even though it can’t even sleep that well, sure was fun to throw again :wink:
After a month of playing around with the Duncan, i decided i might want to come back to the hobby, so i got myself a even crappier yo-yo! (IMO), a Yomega Firestorm Wing, i was very satisfied at the beginning i could actually make it sleep even after a decade, I walked the dog around the park, i fixed the elevator and rocked the baby :wink:
Anyways after not letting the thing for 5 hours straight i finally got my fingers hurting and my legs and I’ve decided to take a break, i tried to find some information about the yo-yo unfortunately i couldn’t find any… this is how my trauma with trans-axle begin… :smiley:
I found out the yo-yo was actually an unresponsive yo-yo, which back in the day didn’t really exist so it was kind of new to me, i found out that these yo-yo’s don’t comeback up when you tug them but you need to bind them and as a beginner i was kind of lost, i can barely throw a man of a flying trapeze and to “make this yo-yo comeback to you” you need to throw a front mount, twist it, let it the string and blablabla…
So after 30$ basically were wasted, i tried to figure out what happened with all the categories and styles of yo-yo’s.
I only remember that i used to have this fixed axle yo-yo (i think) that it would play normally and be responsive but as well would sleep (not a brain yo-yo)
Meanwhile the only “real” yo-yo i could find in the shops here is the Yomega Fireball, i heard it’s fine for beginners, can sleep and etc but because its a trans-axle i fear it will the be same as the Firestorm Wing, Should i maybe just stick to the basic Duncan Butterfly and enjoy that? I seriously don’t want to invest money for a crappy yo-yo that won’t suit to my level.

well if you want a good solid unresponsive yoyo and dont want to spend a ton of money i would say buy a onestar and get a centrac bearing… that will keep you for a good bit.

Thanks for answering first of all,
second thing, i think i didn’t explain myself correct, im NOT looking a unresponsive Yo-yo

EDIT: i realized i didn’t quote, sorry

A Fireball would be great if you just want to do classic tricks with it! They sleep for an adequate amount of time (Much longer than a Duncan butterfly) and are plenty responsive, not to mention long lasting. I’ve still got my first one from 10 years ago, and still use it on occasion!

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okay so your not looking for unresponsive… why dont you look up ed haponik

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In response to Op: Yeah it does sound like you want a traditional fixed axle Yo-Yo. It doesn’t sound like a new Firestorm. It sounds like an old Firestorm, which what you are describing in so many words here is actually exactly how that Ancient Bandai release played unless you kept it up. You may want to try a YoYoFactory Veslocity, if you can obtain it. It will give you the Butterfly shape you are acquainted with the ability to transition at will from Responsive to Unresponsive Protocol.

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Thanks for answering first of all, but since the Fireball is trans-axle how can it be responsive? does it like need a lube every week and that kind of maintenance, i have no trouble but here in Israel, there aren’t really shops dedicated to “yoyo” meaning that getting it would be a pain in the arse as compared.

So wait, you can’t really actually do a real sleeper on a fixed axle? does this mean that also in the 80’s and 90’s people that would do tricks would with have yo-yo’s with trans-axles? A responsive yo-yo with a trans-axle can do the basic and intermediate tricks? sorry for all the questions ::slight_smile:
Sorry for double post

No, not necessarily. A Fixed Axle CAN sleep, a good amount too. It just isn’t the greatest technology, the Classic Flores Design speaks volumes for it’s self and spawned a generation of Sleeping Yo-Yo’s which has evolved into the Unresponsive Yo-Yo Play of today, whether you like it or not 1A is the main style today that everyone uses as foundation. The Fireball, Roller Bearing Yo-Yo’s and Duncan Fixed Axles were very popular in the 90’s and Duncan Fixed Axle Yo-Yo’s as far as I know were the main Yo-Yo in the 80’s with maybe the exception of some ProYo and Yomega modified axle designs. Duncan didn’t have a Trans-Axle until the TransaXtion release. I think it was called, which was their first Plastic Axle that Duncan had then they went to Ball Bearings mostly but Duncan was still the #1 Yo-Yo Seller in the 90’s. The time origin where the Yo-Yo you talk of originated, solution solved. Lube the Axle or pay the import expenses involved in importing a better Yo-Yo into your territory.

No, a fireball will not require any extra maintenance, it is truly a beginner yoyo! The transaxle simply allows it to sleep for longer, but it is still very much responsive. The response system and thin gap ensure that. You can lube it if you feel the need, but it will be just fine without maintenance as well. It also helps if you wrap the string around the bearing twice, keeps it extra responsive but it will still sleep because of the transaxle.

Yep.  Takes more practice, but that doesn’t stop Ed….

(I don’t think he would mind me sharing this).  Go to 0:17

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Transaxles can become very unresponsive if not lubed, generally they need lube every few weeks if you play it often. You can use most general purpose lube on them, even baby oil.
If you want responsive yoyos, your best bet would be ordering online (like from this site), look for “looping yoyos” or “2a yoyos”, they are meant to be responsive, find the one with bearing. A lubed bearing will be responsive, spins longer, but you don’t need to lube it too often like transaxle.

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Im writing this from the phone for sorry for no quoting.
Thanks for all first of all, second thing i managed to learn a very easy bind for the Firestorm meaning that now i can atleast get the yoyo back up ;D
Second thing, my friend told me he’s selling his MAGIC T5 2012 for 15$ with strings but from what i read this yoyo isn’t really recommenced for beginners, anyways either i can buy the Yomega Fireball here in Israel but for 40$ or either i can order something online. I not a fan of buying online especially because of all the times i got scammed…

Not gonna happen if you order from this site’s shop (shop.yoyoexpert.com).
Anyways, if you are willing to learn bind, you can take te T5, it’s very capable.


The trick to making/keeping a yomega trans-axle yoyo responsive is to keep the tran-saxle well lubed, also double wrapping the string on the axle helps.

Like I said, 10 years with a Yomega Fireball, and I’ve never lubed it… Just my personal experience, though I do have the axle double wrapped

Welcome back!

Here are a couple great threads here on YoYoExpert, all about Fixed Axle yoyoing.



There are a lot of here that really prefer fixed axles, feel free to ask questions in either of those topics and you’ll get a lot of great recommendations and help.

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Thanks for everyone’s help!
I’ve decided that i’ll give the Magic T5 a chance, i can do a basic bind but to tell the truth, I actually sometimes prefer to bind rather with a responsive yo-yo just to tug, but that doesn’t mean i won’t play with my responsive yo-yo :wink: I’ll always love the Duncan Butterfly deep deep in my heart!
Thanks for everyone’s and one last question, how do i explain my girlfriend the is for a good reason? :smiley:

I would recommend a Duncan flipside for you. Use the included size A bearing to play responsive, learn all your mounts and basic string tricks. And when you feel like you are ready for unresponsive flip the spacers and use the included KK bearing to play unresponsive. This way you can flip the spacers back and forth to jump from responsive to unresponsive play.
I know you say you don’t want an unresponsive yoyo, but once you start dabbling into string tricks it will probaly be all you want :wink:

You just don’t explain to the gf. ;D