Yomega Metallic Missile question

I need to find a bearing and axle for my Yomega Metallic Missile.

Would the guts from a raider work?

Any idea where to find parts for older yoyos like these?

The bearing is size E, like a Raider. Not sure about the axle.

Axle: Does that use an axle that has a smooth middle section like a Raider or is it threaded all the way across? Either way you shoul be able to use a screw of the proper size and use that.

Bearing size: Size E - Fits the Spintastics Tornado, Tigershark, Riot, Great White, Comet, Torch, and Firefly, and Yomega ball bearing yo-yos. Measures .156 x .312 x .125 (5/32" x 5/16" x 1/8").

Not sure what the axle looks like, but I think I’ll try the raider set up.