Best Size E Bearing

I always get a pretty good result by asking on this forum, so here we go! :wink:

What is the best Size E Bearing for a Yomega Modified Body Shape?

I want to get the best bearing I can for my new Spectrum…I already have equipped it with a Raider Bearing, it does play pretty awesome. The lights off this Yo-Yo are also much nicer than the Pulse, it is kind of a Catch 22 because the Pulse definitely loops better and spins a tad bit longer than the Spectrum (Transaxle Equipped). Maybe they spin about the same with the Raider Bearing in the Spectrum but, the main thing is the Spectrum just has a superior Lighting System in it.

The lady on the Yomega Website wasn’t much help, and said it wouldn’t fit but it did fit with no prolbem. Lol

Parts is parts.

Haha, right. :smiley:

Well…I really don’t understand WHY Yomeger didn’t just go ahead and make this a Bearing Yo-Yo to begin with. It would have obviously did much (maybe a little) better on “The Scene”.

They have always been notorious for just making Plastic Transaxle Light-Ups. I think my original Strobe Yo was like 50 bux or more and all it was, was a clear Fireball with Red Lights. The Orb was like $14.99 at Walmart, pre-equipped with a Ball Bearing. Go fish!

Not many people especially parents in toy stores are willing to spend $15 on a single light up yoyo, and yet not many people in yoyoing community are interested with light up classics anyway. I guess it’s quite reasonable to use transaxle, so it can be priced lower to appeal with general public yet for “pro” yoyoers they can just upgrade it if necessary.

Spectrum has the same transaxle as Fireball, and the axle should be slightly thicker than a Raider axle, in my case, Raider bearing doesn’t fit Fireball axle (or fit very snuggly). I personally used Raider ex spacers, raider axle, and raider bearing for mine for two handed looping.

Yah, that’s what the lady on Yomega’s Website said, the axle was to thick but it did fit with no axle replacing. I am wondering if it will be better with a Raider Axle, in there though.

Pieces parts

Well, I’ve gotten multiple answers from the Forum Elites so I am assuming that a Raider Bearing is the best you can use in it. Thanks for the help! :wink: