Help on yoyo??..

Its a looping yoyo by the looks of things but I lost the bearing in it… I didn’t knew at that time that its a looping yoyo but now I know…

So things I want to know which bearing will fit in it and other things about yoyo… Its written auldey wind breaker on it…

These are the pictures of which looks like starbursts and the spacers.

Length of axle is 2.5 centimeter…Diameter of spacer is 1 centimeter…

Diameter of yoyo is approximately 19 centimeters.

Can you measure bearings diameter? I mean the bearing seat cause it looks like it might take an A

If its one of those modeled after the raider or fireball it probably takes size k or e iirc

I’ve tried the bearing of fast 201 which is size A I think but it a bit loose on axle… There’s no bearing seat the spacer comes in the seat see the picture.

This the other picture.

Not sure about the yoyo diameter it think I might have measured it wrong.

The bearing size for that is a Yomega Small Bearing, or a Size E bearing. The Yomega Raider also uses this bearing size.

Those Chinese sure have a way with names. :wink:


The shape looks like a loop 1080 but spacer are metal … Are K size and E size bearing are same I think k size might fit…

Never heard of a “k” size. Here’s info on the “e” size:

Size E - Measures .156 x .312 x .125 inches (3.96875mm x 7.9375mm x 3.175mm.) Fits the Spintastics Tornado, Tigershark, Riot, Great White, Comet, Torch, and Firefly, and Yomega ball bearing yo-yos.

That would be my guess for what it is.

The K size is the metric version of the E size (4x8x3) and is found in loop 900s. Some say they also fit E size yoyos since the difference is less than 0.1mm.

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Any suggestions on spacers for E size bearing?

Those brass inserts in your pics are more than likely the bearing seat/spacers.

Yomega plastic spacers might fit.