Is it possible...?


Can you mod a light up yoyo with a plastic ring for a bearing and no response to a response system and a regular bearing? I’ll put up pictures of the yoyo tomorrow because I am not home right now and wanted to ask before I forgot.


My guess is probably, with enough effort.


Your wanting to turn a trans-axle into a ball bearings? Probably could be done with a dremmel and a sturdy hand.


It would seem a lot faster, cheaper and easier to just get a ball bearing yoyo.

This is one of those “can you’” vs “should you” situations.

(WildCat23) #5

I turned a Yomega Brain into a ball bearing yoyo with just adding duncan spacers.


It really depends on the brand. Duncan and Yomega both use standard fittings that fit most of their yoyos and you can usually get a bearing seat that will fit.