how to add a bearing?

i want to add a bearing to my “mighty wood chip” i have a local hobby shop that sells them but i want to know how to

Do you own a lathe or know someone who does? If not just go buy a yoyo with a bearing in it. It will work out better all around.

yes, i take woodworking class and they have a lathe that i can use.

Now you have to figure out what size bearing you want in there. Fortunately, there’s many places that show dimensions for common yoyo bearings.

what about a trans axle mod?

Sure, but you need to make the sleeve(the transaxle) or get one. Might be best at that point to just cannibalize a Fireball or something like that and use the existing axle and transaxle portions.

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I saw the pix you posted of the yoyo. Looks nice.

In any event, if you are looking for a project, then carry on. Probably your best solution would be to purchase a Duncan Ball-Bearing Yo-Yo Parts Kit. That will the bearing seat you need and a bearing to fit.

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wouldnt it just be as easy as drilling a hole through a dowel and cut it down to the selccted size?

What, a wood axle and a wood transaxle? Man, we’re talking gobs of friction there.
I like the idea of the Duncan kit. I think isn’t there some Crucial SPR kit that sort of does something similar?

no, a metal axle and a wood transaxle

If you have to ask this question you are going to have a hard time doing it.


OK cool…If you figure it out I’ll give you the bearing…

i found out how to, so this topic is now rendered obsolete

Me too.

Tom Kuhn RD-1.

Wood yoyo, modern guts. Seems a more productive use of my time to buy one soon than go and modding something else.

Nice. Let me know what size bearing and PM me the mailing details.

That’s hoy the Duncan Imferno’s are set up: the wood sleeve is the same O.D. as a A brg, and the same width as the bearing plus two small brass spacers (the ones that come in mosqitos). The hole in the middle allows the standar 4mm bolt to go through it. Also, there is a groove for the string to sit in the middle, like a center trac.