Yomega raider bearing size

I broke the stock bearing in my raider, and am going to buy a new one at my local hobbytown. does anyone know what the size of the bearing is?

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I think they are E-sized bearings. Not sure on the actual measurements though.

Thats probably enough. I’ll look it up.

The Yomega Raider bearing is:


0.157" X 315" X 0.118" X

I think one of the YYF Loop-series also uses this sized bearing.

My official source says it’s .156 x .312 x .125 4 x 8 x 3 :smiley:
It’s a metric bearing so go with the 4x8x3 designation.

Whatever, take the old one with you to verify a fit. And also note that the letter sizing used in the yoyo world is not used most anywhere else.

I think my conversion formula is off. We both agree on the metric values, which are more accurate anyways. That’s where I got my “standard” measurements from, was the metric values.