Spacers and Bearing for a Yomega RBII?

Found my old Yomega RBII the other day, but unfortunately the bearing and spacers are rusted. My question is if the ones you can buy on this site are the same size?

Thanks in advance for any help. ;D

You can probably clean the spacers up w/a little steel wool and maybe some WD-40. You can find bearings at a hobby store - RC cars/helicopters use a variety of sizes.

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Thanks for help, I am going to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Just as an update, the steel wool and WD40 did wonders. Small amount of fine grit sandpaper helped polish it up some. Just as an experiment, I used the spacers and bearing from my raider…same size. I face-palmed myself for not trying it earlier. Thanks for your help jhb8426!

Yes, most yomegas of that vintage all use the same size bearings and spacers. The spacers on the sleeve bearing yoyos (fireball etc) are a bit different but will fit.