yomega dash bearing size?

So I have a omega dash and I really love it. It was one of the first metal Yoyos I bought. anyways, i want to get a new bearing for it and I’m not sure what size it uses. I think size A. Can you guys help me out?

It’s got an 11.98x5.98x3.96mm bearing. Not an A sized bearing.

I don’t think you’re gonna find another bearing for it except a replacement.

Oh, huh. I thought most yomegas were A sized. Do you know where I could get even a replacement bearing for it? the original is shot and I Can’t find them anywhere not even on the yomega site. Thanks…

I don’t think you’re gonna find another bearing for it. I would say any bearing that size would work, but I can’t even find bearings for other uses that are that size. Your best bet it to probably just get a new yoyo.

No, they’re outa sales in the yoyo retailers. Only chance now is to buy it from the B/S/T/ or Ebay.
I saw hundreds of yoyos (related too) things there.

Contact Yomega. I’m pretty sure they have some sort of lifetime warranty, which includes the hardware.

Take the yoyo and bearing to a hobby shop. They generally have a selection of various size bearings in the RC car dept.

Fat chance…

I’ve heard of people contacting Yomega about lost or damaged hardware, and they replaced it without issue. Don’t you “fat chance” me.

I’m questioning the lifetime warranty statement, not the fact that you can sometimes get them to replace something if you contact them nicely.

Thanks. I think ill try that. I just would hate to buy a whole new one when this one is perfect. Without even a single scratch, exce
t the bearing of course.
Thanks everyone!

Do you do all the videos on YouTube? PKRTCN?

Regarding contacting companies:

I definitely recommend this tactic. Maybe they can offer you something, maybe for free or maybe at a modest cost. Then again, maybe it’s so discontinued they can’t. But, it’s always worth a shot.

I had to contact YYE for an issue and to save time also contacted YYJ about the same issue. YYJ shipped a replacement to fix the issue, while YYE went at the same time to say they’ll go look into the issue as well. YYE did exactly what YYE should do.

Both companies have proven excellent customer service. I haven’t needed to contact any other companies yet, but I also have YYF, Duncan and Yomega products in my case, and will soon add other brands as I find products I choose to buy. I hope all can have the same excellent customer service.

Even if the result is a “no”, as long as it’s handled properly, I can still get a positive impression from a company.

If you need to replace the bearing (and I’m sure I will get spanked for this)[b]Ralph Lauren.com

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