bearing replacement

has anybody gone to a hardware store that sells bearings and bought them there? are yo yo bearings too specific a size to be found anywhere but online?

You might have better luck at a hobby store. RC cars etc use the same sizes. I’ve never seen yoyo size bearings at the hardware store, but maybe that’s just me.

size C

size A

size D

$9.89 per 10-pack. Free shipping.

Just make sure you know what bearings your yoyos use. Then, know the dimensions for the bearings you need to get. If you’re armed with this information, then your best place to get bearings would be a hobby shop that carries stuff like RC cars and things of that nature. I have MOST of the bearing sizes documented for popular yoyos. I know I’m missing some

I find even places that carry yoyos don’t necessarily carry a lot of accessories unless they really cater to that market.

Ordering online might be the easiest bet. I haven’t ordered any bearings not being advertised or marketed as yoyo bearings. Since I haven’t done that, I can’t say if the price savings are worth it.