Russell Bearing Spacers (no, seriously)


I bought these here fine yo-yos from the illustrious Mark Hayward at his Collectible Yo-Yo Blowout sale in Cleveland for like, waayyy too much money. Anyway, they have the body shape of a Russell, I’ve never seen a bearing Russell before, and I like Russells quite a bit for looping, so I figured, “What the heck!” ya know?

One had a bearing and spacer set and one did not. I can probably order the bearing but does anybody know where I might find these spacers? They looked familiar, I thought they were the same as Hyper Warp bearings, but alas… nope. The spacers measure about 12mm O.D., 5mm I.D., and 3mm thick. The bearing is 9mm O.D., 5mm I.D. and 3mm thick. The spacers have a super thick outer wall and I swear I’ve seen those before but I can’t figure it out. Halp?


Can you get a better photo of the spacer itself? Do they come out?

I feel like @unklesteve might have info on this sort of thing…

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I had this pic taken already but when I get home I will take a better shot

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That’s a Raider spacer on the left and a bumblebee spacer on the right, the middle is what I’m after


Jim E Johnson hooked me up!