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Recently I got a Stainless Steel yoyo from a local store in Bountiful. IT’S PERFECT FOR ME. Except that the idiots who made it put in a spacer that sucks, and a bearing that doesn’t even fit in the spacer. I’ve made a tiny fix by using a pair of old Buzzon spacers, and it made the yoyo pretty nice. Thing is the seat for the spacers looks exactly like yoyo factory’s Stainless Whistling yoyo. Anybody know where I can get a pair of their spacers for that yoyo. I just want the spacers not the yoyo.

pic from nunyx

Is that what you’re talking about? Also, I’d like to see a picture of the yoyo if possible. I really don’t see how it can be perfect with this bearing seat problem.

I agree with the hippo. I wanna see this thing. My definition of perfect is my code 2 lol. and, you may as well just buy the yoyo. or, possibly the pads for the speed dial would work?


No the spacers I need aren’t sold here.

I tried one of those at a toy shop in HI, not as fun with the stock stuff but it looks pretty cool.

Dude it’s weight is awesome. It just sucks because whoever put it together gave it spacers that fit in the pieces, but that are cut so no metal seats fit. Further the seats don’t actually fit any bearing that I have found. Don’t know how you can custom make a yoyo where the parts don’t fit.

Different opinions do exist, dude. I personally like more weight towards the rims than that seems to offer. Like my throws right at 68 grams, usually.

Opinions. Nothing is perfect for everyone.

fixed top post.

perfect :smiley:

That’s just your opinion ;D


Maybe you could get 3yo3 to make you a custom bearing seat spacer?

Have you tried any hardware stores?

yeah op you should let 3yo3 make a bearing seat for you.

Looks exactly like the yoyo they were hawking out of the Sharper Image catalog. I have one. What a monumental piece of crap. People complaining about stuff like the Dingo need to try one of these bad boys.

So are you looking for the spacers it originally came with? If so ill send you them i never use mine the vibe bothers me

well, you have made my day!