A yyf request ( I hate spacers)

To yoyofactory ( and any other company who uses spacers) I love your yoyos and I love your company, but with each of your plastics that require spacers to seat the bearing, they always end up stuck to the bearing which is an incredible inconvenience at which point I am forced to file the spacer down a bit ( I lack tools to do this easily or neatly)

Is it possible to effectivly machine a plastic yoyo with the seat built in???

If you machine or injection mold a bearing seat onto a plastic yoyo, it’ll be waaay too weak and the tolerances can’t be that high on a plastic body. Look at the Crucial Derlins. It would be much simpler to machine a bearing seat than use an SPR, but machining it would make it fragile.

YYJ Plastics? Gung Fu? YYF Whip / One?

I’ve also notice my dm has no spacers…

not sure what 888’s talking about… most of my plastics don’t use spacers.
but I’ve never really had a problem with spacers. even if they stick to the bearing, if it still spins what’s it matter?

Deal with it.

guys, all he’s asking is for the bearing seat to be loosened up a little, it’s not the end of the world. and personally, it’s just a YYF thing. they could stand to make a spacer that isn’t SOO snug, it’s hard to pull out of the bearing

It’s what makes the plastics as smooth as they are. Deal with it.

the less snug the bearing is, the more it can move, meaning less smoothness.
I prefer their snug spacers to duncan’s loose ones.

Agree 100%

Stop whining and get over it.

Sorry, but its true.


I don’t think that’s what makes the plastic so smooth. If that was the case every metal would have the same problem. I think that they just don’t want to change the programming (which is actually very easy) or they just don’t care. Not everyone has to deal with it. They can politely ask for a company to change things. This is what makes a company better. Listening to their consumers. Without that they would be more like alchemy than yyf. Gone

IMO the aluminum spacers allow YYF to cheaply manufacture a plastic yoyo that has the consistency of aluminum.
Without having the aluminum spacers the quality control would entail them having to check the bearing seat on every yoyo that is made, testing them by assembling and throwing them to ensure the bearing seat is working proper. Maybe that is a but overboard, but IMHO it would take a lot longer to QC the yoyos if they had a molded bearing seat.
A for the tight fit, yes its a bit off a pain, the first time you deal with it, after that it is pretty easy to separate them, and again, the tight fit is too ensure a quality playing yoyo.
Would the yoyo play as well with loose fitting spacers, it might, but it also might not, by keeping the tolerance as tight as they possibly can they seem to be trying to ensure a longer lasting tight fit, and a better playing yoyo in the long run.
For people that are really bothered by it, it is possible to make the fit looser on your own with a nail file, spend ten minutes scraping down the bearing post on the spacer, and you ll have a loose fitting spacer.
Have fun, and good luck.

Idk if everyone on this thread is aware of the problem… the spacer LEAVES THE YOYO and sticks to the bearing…

I filed the spacers down and it works fine… But it would be nice not to have to deal with this again… My fingers are quite sore…

A couple of spins around the bearing and the spacer with an exacto knife or a paint scraper will take it right off…

I too am tired if of messing up he spacer every time I want to access the bearing. It is actually one the things that made think about getting another protostar.

I use MIG welding pliers and the axle to remove it. Of course not everybody carries MIG pliers around… Haha. It’s not hard to remove if you have pliers.

I don’t think that is a problem, I can still access the bearing through some extra effort.

That’s just the way it is, instant won’t be always available…