Spacers and YYF bearing questions


Well , i really thanked those yoyoers who replied my post on how to remove my protostar neon’s spacer. Even though I watched Tyler’s video and he did stated that the damage on spacers won’t affect the play of yoyo but i still have a little doubt and I decided to upload the pictures to get the best answer.

I finally get my bearing out, but during the process, my other spacer was damaged badly as u could see. and the other one which fixed on the axle was perfectly good. Will the serious damage affects my yoyo’s play ? my yoyo’s spin time etc. ?
*the image was alil blur as im using my phone to take the photo

the other question is that does every YYF yoyo comes with a stainless steel bearing ? mine is Central Trac Bearing, not sure it is a stainless or not.




ouch… how do i upload a photo ? LOL !!!


Oh wow, you really scratched those up. If the bearing fits back on, you’re fine.

Many YoYoFactory yoyos ship with the CBC CenterTrac in it. The Protostar and Northstar do for sure. Not sure about all my metal YYF’s or some of the other plastics. Its a stainless steel bearing. The YYF SPEC bearing is a flat bearing and is also stainless steel.

I don’t believe any YYF yoyo ships with a ceramic bearing.


If the hole on te spacer is to damaged to get the axel through or the bearing on then take a screwdriver of your choice and try to pry the hole open . This happened to me on my grind machine when I had no clue about spacers , I guess every one with a spacer yoyo has been there done that. =D