Have a Center-Track Bearing?

Put it in your Hatrick. The best yoyo just got better. 8) It plays so beastly!

Don’t have one? Take it out of your ProtoStar or Chaotic, just put in in there.

General-Yo X YYF FTW

I have found all YYF bearings to be trash. I never have good luck with them. My protostar bearing got shot 2 weeks after i got it, and I never changed the yoyo at all. Same with my PGM, the bearing got shot after 4 weeks of standard play.

That sucks. I’ve never had problems with them.

I have one in my G5, no problems at all with mine. I would take your advice, but I don’t have a Hatrick because I hate the rounded profile of it.

The same thing happened to my protostar ???

My Die-Nasty came with a Center-Track Bearing but it has the huge spacers stuck to it. Anyone know how to get them off.

Way to be off topic! Anyways, A knife will do. Stick it between the spacers and move it around until you get it off. Try it at your own risk. It’s how I do it, maybe not the best way though.

pliers + vice.

Put the SPACER in the vice, so ya don’t go jackin’ up your bearing.

thank you guys you think it will do well in my Tactic

really Ben? Really? lol

Is that the one that’s in the energy right now? If so, I cleaned and lubed it and it’s working better…not great though.

Thats why I said it was KK’ed…