Protostar question:

Ok so my center trac Bearing came apart last week and ive been using a yyf spec in my protostar, does anyone know if the center trac bearing really makes the protostar play like it does or does any bearing work just the same?


In my opinion the center trac makes it way worse. Though it does keep the string on when you take it apart and is easier to remove, the bearing itself is poorly made, in my opinion.I never liked their feel, or spin times, smoothness, etc.The spec bearing should be fine.

It wont make the biggest difference in the world, but it may.

If your CT is loud, spec probably wont as easily as I found many players with a Northstar or Protostar having a loud bearing.

But really, flat is the same, plays the same, but every player seems to get a different conclusion.

It shouldn’t make a difference, but if you are a new yoyo’er, it could help with your performance because of longer sleep times

Yes it will be differnt, and no it won’t be worse or better.