Yeti Spacers (Sorry if this has been asked. I didn't see it.)

So, yeah, Yeti Spacers… I destroyed the first set trying to replace the original bearing and I put in the second set that came with the yoyo. Those are just as tight and I’m worried about when I want to clean the bearing. What size spacers should I get to replace them? The Yeti page is no longer there in the store, so I can’t look there for specs anymore…

Also, any recommended spacers that would be easy to install and work best with this throw?

Thanks in advance

Sand 'em down.


YYF spacers:

Contact the YYE store. They may be able to tell you the size.

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Yeti takes the YYF Size C spacers…

What did you use to take them off?

Maybe you should take a look at my guide to remove them the right way

How to remove spacers attached to your bearing

I find that a much more effective method is to get a long sharp object, preferably with a very sharp, thin section that tapers into a thicker section, and then sort of rolling the spacer bearing blob across it. I use paint scrapers, although knives will work as well.

Yep, but use a razor blade so you don’t completely mess up the spacers.

Everytime I look at this video: