I need bearing plus spacer that you'd find in a clyw yeti!!

Just got my yeti!! Is flippen sweet unfortunately the bearing went bad and when trying to remove the spacers I bent them… I know it’s a c sized bearing but I don’t know much about spacers help me out here!! I will pay money for one!! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Pretty sure they’re the same as the spacers in any yyf plastic like the pgm, die nasty, north star, and protostar

Oh thanks!! :slight_smile: any methods on how to take the spacers off easly?? They are beasts to get of if you know what I mean haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure it’s bad? They are packed with lube so that the bearing ships better or something. May be your problem.

it should have came with a second bearing and spacers set.
I use a knife. I just push the blade into the crevice between the bearing and spacer. then roll the whole thing along the blade. pops it right off.

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