Get a halfspec bearing into a YYF Ricochet

I know I’d need a shorter axel, but do any of you fine people have the exact axel/bearing combo I’d need?

Pic because I just got done ‘stonewashing’ it and I am disproportionately proud of my work.


Not familiar with that yoyo but from the pic it looks like the axle is in a through hole so the exact size is not an issue. You could use the existing axle for that matter, or just use it to measure how much is excess.


I thought that, then tried to just tighten it up with a halfspec in there and the axle stops at the end of the hole. Looking for the specs of the tap screw I need from the hardware store.

That stonewash clean

Just take the axle to the hardware store. They usually have a size gauge, or just try a couple of nuts and see what fits. Most YYF yoyos use a 4mm x .7 mm pitch set screw, length varies.

Are you sure it’s not the axle hub bump being too high on each side and preventing the yo-yo from closing around the slimmer C bearing? I see this a lot on yo-yos designed for wide C bearings.

I normally dremel down the axle hub a bit in those scenarios, but I … don’t think I’d try that on a titanium :sweat:

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Thanks! I was mainly trying to get the spark marks smoother (I don’t trust myself to sand evenly), but the finish is an added bonus.

Smart. I probably should have just done this to begin with lol.


Grab a half spec bearing and put it in one half, set the other half on top without an axle and press it together to see if the bearing posts are short enough for the yo-yo to close. If it is then get a shorter axle. If it has a 12mm installed then replace it with a 10mm, if it has a 10mm replace it with an 8mm etc.


Hella-concise. Thanks boss! I’ll report my findings later in the week.

Edit: Or today! Plays exactly how I wanted. Had a spare shorter axle laying around. Now to work on some weird-beard stall play on this bad mamma jamma.


The stone wash looks great in that pic!


Thanks! It feels better than it looks.


I was thinking about stonewashing my Ricochet. Looks great!

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Do it! Show us!