Stripped yoyo halves

Has anyone ever tried to tap a #10-32 or a #10-24 in a yo-yo with a C size bearing? I have a yo-yo that has completely stripped on both halves which I want to try and salvage. Any suggestions?

The bearing size really doesn’t matter. The original axle size is the key. It should work if you pre-drill it to the right size for a #10 screw. I would also recommend using a lathe so that everything is centered and aligned properly. Doing it freehand is iffy.

I should add that I work in a shop and that I will be doing this on a lathe. My main concern is that the OD for a #10-32 is .190 while the ID for a C size bearing is .250. That only leaves .030" per side of aluminum on the bearing seat. That just seems super thin to me and I feel like it would crack after a few throws. But, I am not 100% sure on this so I thought I would ask if anyone has tried to tap a #10 and if it worked well, or bad for them.

OK, if that’s your concern, it’s not an issue. Early generation dif-e-yos and most all of the anti-yo yoyos came with 1/4 in. set screws for axles and most all of them used the stock “C” size bearing. It really doesn’t matter if the axle touches the inner race.

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OD on an M5 axle is right around .190" I think you’re clear :slight_smile: