Yomega Maverick


Well i got my sliver yomega maverick yesterday for my bday, and i must say it is a pretty good yoyo… for its price and for yomega’s regular yoyos.I will do goods and the bads.Bads: well it is pretty responsive but mine is getting more unressponsive by the throw. And sometimes it will shoot up on your hand and it might sting a bit :P. Goods: the maverick can sleep for a pretty long time, i recored 2:10, and the mav is very smooth, and it is fun to play with.The maverick is small but i dont mind it and the maverick is pretty light, i think 64 grams, i think.

Overall i think this yoy is for advanced players or intermediate and it is a great buy for 30 bucks!Finally a half decent yomega yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps: is there a good mod out there???


cool :slight_smile:


Realy smooth yoyo. As soon as I put the wider spacers in mine it became completly unresponsive.


mine r in but it is still ressponsive, getting a little more unressponsive but this yoyo is smooth


the maverick i think i found a mod for it… you put 2 yoyojam o rings on eack side in it but, i tried with one and it didnt work so :’(


Once you wear done the responce, it’s a great throw.