Yomega maverick review

[b]Hey I’m new here and i was bored so heres a Yomega maverick review.
So the maverick.
Great yoyo for its price.
It comes VERY responsive.
It won’t fly up at your face when you do a trapeze, but watch out…
When you put in the silver spacers it becomes UNresponsive enough to sometimes do wrist whips.
It’s smaller in every way than the dark magic, but it has an amazing feel in your hand.
Stock, it will do about maybe 45 seconds of spin time, it varys though.
When i saw the “rubber shuttle technology; new from yomega” i was like. wtf
Another yoyo comepletely ruined. But it works pretty well. If you can get it un-
responsive enough it has pretty good arm grinds
It has an abec 5 bearing and a thumb grind grind lip for OK thumb grinds.
Overall, not too bad of a yoyo.
It comes in black and silver and is $30. Its made out of aluminum.
Very lil’ vibe and amazing smooth!

nice review!

i used to have a maverick till i sold it for $35
i modded it up then sold it for a lot of money

it was amazing