Yomega Maverick Review

Note: This is a review on the modern maverick. The one with only one set of spacers. The wide gap one.
First lets start out with some pictures.

Now the dimensions.
Diameter: 50mm
Width: 33 mm
Gap: ???
(specs may be off a little. I did them myself because I couldn’t find them anywhere else.)

Lets talk about playablility. As you can tell it’s a pretty small yoyo. It almost seems tall compared to modern yoyos. I do belive Yomega could of got off with a wider gap on this one. Out of the box its responsive. And it will take about 1/2 week to get it unresponsive (depending on how much you play). Aside from that the response is pretty good. It’s weird but good. It does alow for tight binds. But the small gap is sometimes a problem. I know alot of people think Yomega didn’t evolve to the new level of yoing. I think that the case here. Every now and then it will stop do to two many string layers. But it’s not to much of a problem. The binds are nice and tight. One of the funnies things with this yoyo is, ready, it comes apart during play. Not all the time but sometimes. The screw just isn’t long enough. For this reason i wouldn’t use it in a compatition. Of course I may be the only person who has this problem. As for vibe. Many people say it has no vibe at all. For me it has a little but mine has a few nicks.

So, construction. As i metioned it had sort of a weird response but it also has a weird bearing and bearing seat. It the same inside, outside, width of a type C bearing but it rejects a type C. I don’t know for sure why. The bearing seat is seperate from the yoyo. Well, it is attached to the yoyo but it look like anohter peice. It’s a very shollow seat. This might explain why it comes apart sometimes. Many people complain about the factory line. Personally I like them. When I thumb grind I just insert my nail into the groove. So it’s pretty easy to some grind on. Now maybe i’m jumping to conclusiongs but it seems like Yomega is anti modest with this thing. As I explained earlier it doesn’t accept a type C bearing and i’m not sure anybody has come up with any mods. You can thin lube it though if you don’t mind an annoying buzzing sound for a while. Where do you think I got the idea for the line in my yoyo poem http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,13371.0.html

As for spinning time. My personal best is 2:30. Thats with the lube. Really I think this yoyo is underated. I may have made it sound bad but most of the defects like coming apart don’t happen much. And it is full metal for thirty. I got mine for twenty though. You might be able to get one for 20 if you looked. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 7 since it’s so cheap. This isn’t really a profesional throw. But it really is a fun through and thats what yoing’s about.
Well thats my review. Hoped you like.

P.S. This is my first review. Just wanted to mention. Please commant.

The review was nice. The only thing I noticed was you got some subject- verb agreement errors. Or subject- verb disagreement, joke lol!

wow really nice review that must of took awhile to make. I like the pics also. You really got a lot of info in like play,bearing and so much more, nice

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Haha. Well i’m glad you liked it. It actually didn’t take that long to make. Maybe 25 min. I’m not including the time it took for my brother to teach me how to post pictures though.

I’m not including the time it took for my brother to teach me how to post pictures though.

you have convinced me to pick one up! ;D