Yomega Maverick

I’m going to make this short and sweet and not get too into it.

Here are some pictures first

It’s specs i have no idea, i just know its undersized i’m going to guess about 52mm because its about the same size as the C3 DiBase, its pretty light i heard it was 64grams but i know its lighter then that, it has a small gap too.

Out of the package it’s tug responsive as everyone knows, if you want to make it unresponsive you do NOT need to silicone recess it until the rubber pads have worn down a lot. All you have to do is deshield the bearing then clean it, i cleaned my bearing in lighter fluid, but make sure at some time you put a drop of lube in the bearing so that the balls wont grind against each other in the future.

After i cleaned the bearing it was about half responsive on some throws, then completely unresponsive on other throws. Now several hours afterwards it sometimes comes back up on a tug but most of the time its completely unresponsive, about 4 out of 10 throws it was unresponsive.

This yoyo is really smooth, i haven’t done any grinds with it because i’m not a fan of grinds. For all you people that care about vibe, it really has no vibe that i notice at all.

But yeah that’s it, its a really good yoyo, i just wish it would have came unresponsive to start, wish that the gap was a bit wider and a bit heavier, other then that being my preferences it’s an amazing yoyo that i enjoy playing with, it retails for 30, but i got it for free<3

Sorry this is soo late but my maverick is the same. I cleaned the bearring, broke it in, and the pads wore down and they are still responsive some of the time. I think its because the gap is soo small.

Break in the rubber pads. Mine’s just as unresponsive as the rest of my yoyos. It could have used a wider gap however.

I thought my Maverick was awesome, because it was my first yoyo. I got my DM2, and realized how much of a waste the Maverick was.

You want it wider and heavier? Sounds like the Dash is for you…

no its not , its smaller thinner and lighter ? come on where did you get that info from?

You should choose the dash over the maverick because it is overall a better quality yoyo I have a dash myself it is a good sleeper for a 30$ yoyo when i bought it. My friend owns a maverick also he has a metal drifter I would pick the metal drifter over the maverick because it has a little longer sleep time and I think it is smoother but it has a bigger response and if you wear out the response you have to get friction stickers I would choose the dash out of all of them because it is heavier has better sleep times, better agility, and the overall quality is better. SOUNDS LIKE THE DASH IS FOR YOU…

Hmm, seems like a Dm2 is for you.

I did a S/C ceramic wing cut bearing by request from someone for a Yomega Maverick.
Probably costs as much as the yoyo did.
Still have one left over…