Well. I got a maverick for my birthday a while back. I know most people dis yomega but for the price (i got it 5 bucks off) its not so bad. I just thaught i’d make a list of pros and cons. CAUSE IM BORED
1.Sleeps for about 1:30
2.Is undersized (i liked this but you may not)
3.Is beadblasted (i think
4.Has a good weight distrobution
6.Good weight for an undersized yoyo.

1.Has factory lines
2.Sometimes comes apart during play LOL (am i the only one who has this problem)
3.Takes alot of play before it becomes unresponsive.
4.Has bad vibe. Not horrible though.
5.Respones is weird. Not to bad though
6.The bearing is even weirder than the response.
That about it. Personally if your going to get a yomega i’d get a meverick. it’s only $20

It only sleeps for 1:30? I’ve heard of people getting much higher than that. Work on your throw.

Very true though. It’s a good yoyo.

The Maverick rocks, the one I traded to Dan was smotther than my Skyline(the Maybe An Exageration But Trust me it was smooth). And They are 30 dollars.

It sleeps for 1:30 last time i checked but that was a while ago i guess…
Any ways their not $30 if you get it off Amaon. Not sure if their still that price or even there though.

Its annoed, (Correct me if wrong) and mine came w/ no vibe…

So you’re saying there’s no way you could get more or less than 1:30…?

I checked the spin time again. I got it to sleep for 2 min. Maybe i’ll just write a review.

So…you’re saying it’s your/the person’s throw? Yeah…

Let me lay it to ya straight. I threw the yoyo and it spun for 2 min. OK.

awesome wanna trade lol

I’m asuming since there was an lol that you didn’t acutually want to trade but if your thinking about buying one i can write a review.

i was thinking of buying one but… a review would be good

my maverick had some really large gashes that made my fingers bleed, I don’t really like yomega now.

okay, so everyone throws exactly the same? everything we know is wrong…

I don’t see how that has anything to do with anything besides you…

Dude. Chill out a bit. HE was just putting that info out there. I know you’re trying to help, but tone it down Brian

Dude. I’m just saying that’s how long I got it to spin. I know everyone throws differant. Thats why I put my spin time. I don’t know how long you could get it to spin. Mine’s just there for relavince. If you would like to post yours feel free.

Anyways why are you still comenting on this ??? I wrote a full review.

I wasn’t angry, just questioning? My bad though.

I’ll have to go check it out. :slight_smile:

I got mine when they were first released, as a matter of fact I had to wait a few weeks for a black one because they weren’t shipping yet. Anyways, I didn’t care for it at all out of the box so I hadn’t touched it until a month or so ago. I put the wider spacers in and played it for a few weeks, once the response loosens up its actually a really fun throw. 2 min. Spin times and a nice weight. My only complaint… slight vibe, but very tollerable.
Just my .02