yomega maverick review

very good yoyo for somebody is in the intermediate section sleeps for about 1:30 once broken in. great for string tricks.so i would reccomend this yoyo for someone who is not ready for unresponsivness. please leave your thoughts on the maverick, thanks

I have a Maverick. When I first got it, it played responsive. But after MANY hours of breaking in, its now almost completely unresponsive. Seems pretty durable too. I have hit it on floor/walls/desks a few times but it only has a small prick towards the inside of the gap. (no idea how it got there)
I think its a great deal for 30$ if you are on an intermediate-slightly advanced level, but not great for advanced players.

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yea, ive had a maverick for about a month and its kinda unreasponsive(no more hurt knuckles :D)

i hate the maverick it is responsive and when i do a gt or spirt bomb it comes up.i really dont like it

I have a Maverick. I think it is just that you have not worn the pads down a little. I have a maverick and I can easily do GT and Spirit Bomb. It is really great and I recommend it to anyone that is not yet ready to go completely unresponsive. It binds beautifully for me.

i agree with newbies united

Here, well your at it why don’t you check out my review… it’s a little bit longer… lol.