yomega maverick again

Ok,so people i need your 2 cents on the maverick give me the goods and the bads is it responsive or unresponsive to where you have to bind help me out please

First It’s Cents not sence. Second It is responsive out of the Package but Just Break in the Bearing, put in the Wide Spacers(the silver ones) and wear down the response then change 1 Blue Rubber Insert not both, one, And put in one YYJ O-ring and Its will play like a BOSS!!

!WARNING! Outcome maybe better. Or not as BOSSLY as The BOSS. ;D

Didn’t you already have a topic on this? If so, please just use that one, even though I think it had quite a few responses.

If not, I wouldn’t worry about doing all sorts of stuff to it. It’ll play just dandy.