Yomega maverick silicon'd?

I’m just wondering if you can just put flowable silicone in the yomega maverick instead of that blue rubber response thing. thanks

You would probably have to get it sent to a modder to be recessed. PM Ricerocket, Icthus, or another good modder. Probably might cost you up to 15 bucks, if you think it’s worth it.

Pull that blue rubber thing out and go for it. It will be just fine.

Won’t last as long, not even close. You can silicome near anything. I’ve done it with my neighbors Beysick before, but I hate replacing it over and over. More of a temporary setup, IMO.

I put thin lube in mine and now the response is more snappy then before and it’s unresponsive. But you can silicone it if you take the rubber response ring out.

If the rubber response ring recess is deep enough then yes you can. A nice test to try: If flowable doesn’t work, try using some gasket maker(the red RTV tube you get at walmart). It’s harder to do, but I’ve had success with it in a pad yo-yo. It’s just REALLY hard.

i did this to mine and it is awesome exept with RTV and plays awesome