Yomega Hyperwarp Heavywing Revisited - A first impression

Several of you remember the original Hyperwarp Heavywing with the narrow gap and starburst response.

Not too long ago Yomega revisited this yoyo and gave it quite a face lift to fit with today’s standards (sort of).

I was at my local TRU earlier picking up a gift for my niece when I finally saw these hanging out on the shelf. They come in translucent red, a vibrant lime green and a vibrant fluorescent blue, both green and blue being opaque. I decided that I wanted to mess with 3A and wanted something a little wider than an FH2 and a little more hefty than my Pro Z’s and felt that these could make a good candidate for learning and goofing around. I will also use these for 1A/add to my collection.

Typical brick & mortar store packaging, requires knife/scissors to open it, kind of a pain. But these days, I can see unsupervised kids opening up the package and playing with it, tangling string, stealing, losing parts, etc. Yomega’s new packaging is pretty cool as you can see both sides of the yoyo in the package. Of course Yomega puts a little meter/gauge for what ‘skill level’ they feel it’s best suited for, this being a 4. More on this in a bit. Also comes with extra string and a little checklist poster showing all of Yomega’s current products.

Feel, Specs:
Yomega was kind enough to put the specs on the packaging, showing that the yoyo is at a 67.5g, 38mm wide, 53.9mm diameter and a slightly narrow 3.5mm gap (seems about the same width as a Duncan so it’s not too bad). The weight feels pretty good in the hands and the profile of it (minus the caps/face) reminds me of a FHZ as it’s just the basic rounded wing shape.

(Yea, I should have taken a photo of it next to my FHZ)

Yomega was at it again with their rubber response with bearing spacers that sit on top if it (much like the Maverick). Out of the package they are insanely grippy but I have faith that I can break these puppies in much like I did with the Maverick.

The bearing is the same situation as the Maverick (before they put in a C-sized bearing), the odd Yomega size. They come heavily lubed as much as this yoyo’s geared towards intermediate going into advanced. This could be a good thing though as this yoyo would make a good ‘first yoyo.’ What I do wonder is that if C-sized replacement spacers can be bought and fit into the HWHW…if so, then that would be pretty sweet. The gap can be a little wider. The yoyo features aluminum rims embedded into the plastic similar to a Protostar…adds some nice weight and stability.

Play (out of the package):
On first throw, you can just feel the lube in that bearing. Smooth, quiet, and really responsive. The yoyo itself has minimal to no vibe and feels quite stable. Once I got home I cleaned the bearings (mostly clean anyway, may require another soak) and the yoyo felt more to my tastes. The pads still however need to be broken in as they stick out just a pinch. These feel stable enough that I feel like I can actually almost do a decent sleeper with my left hand. As noted I’m going to use these for 3A.

Keep it or kill it?
Out of the package and being advanced level, the yoyo needs some tweaking. I was expecting to do so since I tend to figure yoyos being sold in a TRU store are mainly targeted towards the beginner audience/easily accessible to beginners. This yoyo has potential to play right alongside some of my metals and high end plastics. I’d classify this as a mid-level plastic. I’d also recommend this to someone starting out, wanting to buy locally if they don’t mind the $25 price. So far, this feels like a keeper!

this is a great yo-yo. i’d recommend it to beginners if not for the odd bearing size.