Yomega Fireball or Magic T5 Overload

I’m kind of a beginner - intermediate level, i learned the basic tricks with my Duncan Butterfly but since it’s fixed axle I’m looking that sleeps more time.
I can either get the Yomega Fireball for 20$ at my local toy store or i can get the Magic T5 Overload off eBay with free strings, bag and glove for 10$ with free shipping.
From what i understood the Magic is unresponsive meaning ill need to learn how to bind, is binding really that hard to learn?

No, binding isn’t too hard, so long as you can throw a good sleeper. It does take a little practice at first, but it’s totally worth learning before moving on to more complicated tricks.
Personally, I would recommend the T5–Metal, lightweight, and cheaper than nearly every other brand of metal yoyo. Magics play smooth (though I’ve heard stories of people needing to replace bearings/pads before play, I was able to play mine right out of the box) and look super shiny and cool. You will have to wait a bit longer to throw this one, seeing as it’s most likely coming from China.
Buy the Yomega if you want something a little bigger, or if you want to support well-known and trusted brands.

Thanks for the answer first of all.
I also thought the Magic is better but i feel it would be rather a mistake sometimes since I’m still a beginner - intermediate and maybe I’m not ready yet for a unresponsive, bearing metal yo-yo. I’m not a fan of the Fireball though. I like the Magic even though it’s more advanced though…

Magic yoyos are very good, but be prepared to change out the bearing and response pads.
The fire ball is for looping, If you want a looper, I’d suggest the yomega raider.

The T5 was my first unresponsive yoyo. Although it didn’t take me long to want something a bit better, I still use it a lot and will always love it!
As for binding, it’s not hard at all to learn and there are plenty of tutorials on YT that can help you out.

But yeah, the T5 is an awesome yoyo to learn on, you really can’t go wrong for the price either.

If you have any intentions of modern 1A style play, binding is something you’ll eventually need to learn.
It’s not difficult. Even with the ‘negatives’ often associated about the Magic Yoyo brand, you’ll be far better equipped
to progress through modern yoyo play than you would be with a Fireball.

I have a Yomega Saber Raider if you interested.

But to answer your question I would go with Magic Yoyo. Its a crap shoot. Its might be awesome out of the box or you might need to change the bearing. Either way its still a good buy.

Just go for a YYJ classic it’s the happy middle of these two yoyos that everybody is suggesting. It starts responsive so you can do all that. Plus you can buy flowable silicone or some response pads and a wide bearing and it becomes unresponsive.

Thanks for everyone’s help, i went today to my local Toy Store because they told me there was a yo-yo “expert” there. He gave me to try out a DV888 (even though i wasn’t interested in buying) i was very impressed by how it played, super long sleep, smooth play, i managed to even do new tricks. Unfortunately i realized something, 1A isn’t for me… I just don’t feel the passion or love for it. He also gave me a shot with some 2A yo-yo’s and a 4A yo-yo. First of all because I’m a nooby i obviously couldn’t do real 2A so i did more like 0A (1 looping yo-yo only) i was just amazed, i liked to loop a lot with my Butterfly and this was just insane, he also gave me a shot a 4A yo-yo, this took a few minutes to learn how to throw but i finally got lucky and caught 1 throw, as well insane.
Long story short, i really but really appreciate everyone’s help, I’m not the 1A guy, hopefully i can get my hands on a basic 2A yo-yo’s and a 4A yoyo.
Thanks again

P.S: I thought about something, maybe I’m giving up 1A too fast because i can’t do much? i mean i can do the basic tricks (Walk the dog, elevator, rock the baby) and some “intermediate” tricks like the trapeze, split the atom and double or nothing. I mean i just don’t have the “chemistry” with it, i just personally (no offense) have no that much interest in it but maybe I’m just trying to convince myself I’m not interested in it, and as-well the whole yo-yo’ing being more focused in 1A would be harder…