Yomega Dash

Hi all,
I just bought a dash the other day under the impression that it would be somewhat responsive at first, then break in to where it wasn’t responsive. I am relatively new to this but the only way I can get it to come up at all is to do a bind of some sorts which typically ends up in a knot or a twisted string. I love that it spins for as long as I need it to, but constantly having to wind it is a pain. Is there anything I can do to fix the response in it, or can you recommend a similar yo-yo, I like the weight and all of that, with a little more response that isn’t going to break the bank?
Thank you

just learn to properly bind and you will be fine.

The Yomega Maverick starts out semi responsive, but I don’t recommend it. The bearing was not very good, even after two cleanings. Once I got the hang of binding (which didn’t take long), I had many knuckle busting accidental binds with the Yomega. Don’t try to grind with it!! Ouch! I much prefer the YYJ classic and gave the Maverick away. It took me about a day and I was consistently binding. I think the Dash is supposed to be similar to the Maverick except its fully unresponsive. I could be wrong on that… Never used it. If I were to start all over again, it would have been with a completely unresponsive yoyo. LOL, I guess I took a long time to mirror what the last post said.


Use thick lube or the yomega lube and it’ll come back up again with a tug.

you can double or triple wrap the bearing

This ;D