yomega dash

Is the Yomega dash a good yo-yo compared to others?

Wrong section. This should be in the Looking for Help/Recommendation section. Anyways, the Dash is a decent yoyo. The response needs to be broken in before it becomes unresponsive. Even when it is broken in, it still snags sometimes with a 100% poly string, but I just put some alchemy string in it and it doesn’t snag nearly as much. It is a good first metal yoyo, but compared to another yoyo moderately within the same price range, such as the Protostar, the Protostar would be a better purchase in my opinion. Hope this helped. :wink:

wrong section
like lazytower said you should check out a protostar
they are really amazing!!!

it’s ok, unless you like grinds check out the protostar. And if you do like grinds, maybe check out a pgmv2.

why are those good at grinds

Since this is about the dash, what is the diffrence between it and the mavrick. The protostar would be a awsome choice and if you want a metal then I would spend more and get a dv888

Dash-It is metal. Metal grinds smoother and better than plastic yoyos.
PGM v2- Has a texture on it that allows it to grind well.

The dash is slightly heavier and wider.

it is not really wide

wider, not wide

The Protostar is terrible at grinds.

let’s get back to the real topic here: is the dash a good yoyo?

answer: i have a dash, and i think it’s ok. it’s the best yoyo of all of yomega’s, but that still isn’t saying all that much.

pros: the dash feels comfortable in your hand, has an ok throw, looks pretty cool, is made of metal so (theoretically) has a decent spin time (better than a plastic), and it’s a butterfly (i mean really, what isn’t) whch makes it easier to catch the string.

cons: it’s responsive (unless you want that) and the responsive-ness slows down the spin time and makes it (somewhat frequently) snap back at your hands without you expecting it (which hurts becuse it’s metal!). the return pads also aren’t the greatest, and wear down fairly quickly (that means that if you’re expecting it to respond, it might, but it might not if it doesn’t feel like it!)

all in all, it’s an ok yoyo and if you’re just starting, it’s not a bad choice, but it’ll ony get you able to easy-end advanced tricks, which isn’t all that great.

if you are looking to buy a dash and you are a begginer, go ahead. it’ll alllow you to do a lot of new tricks that a plastic yoyo wont let you do.

but if you’re intermediate to advanced already, i don’t think that i’d recommend this one for you. if i were you, i’d look into the “yyj dark magic II” (which can do both responsive and un-responsive play). I’ve heard great things about that one.

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