Review: Yomega Dash (One of the few all metal yo-yos they have)

Hey I figure not many people will read this just because it is a yo-yo from Yomega but i want to let everyone know that they make pretty decent yo-yos

by the way this is my first review so sorry if its not the greatest

Yomega Dash. Its made out of Anodized 6061 Aluminum. Comes in Green, Blue, And Gold.
Costs 29.95-For a metal its hard to say no even if its a Yomega.

There arn’t many specs for this yoyo so I took pictures of it next to a YYF DV888 for comparison

Weighs-68.5 grams
Its about 2mm taller then the DV888 but the DV888 is about 2mm wider.
Bearing is a thin size C bearing and tradition size C bearing will not fit in it.
Response system: Rubber response system
Two Gap Settings: Silver and Gold

Look and Feel.

Rounded edges gives it a flowing feel and being a undersized yo-yo it feels right at home and is great for 1A play. The Anodizing isn’t as high of quality as I hoped but is smooth for grinds including thumb grinds. (yes it can thumb grind for those people out there who love to do so.) the weight of the yo-yo is also a comfortable weight and feels like a yo-yo should.

Response System

The Response System is the worst part of the yo-yo. Its a rubber response which is a really responsive system. even with the wide gap setting the yo-yo can still on occasion snap back at you unexpectedly. I haven’t cleaned the bearing yet so that might have something to do with it but never the less it still can be responsive when you don’t want it to be.

Shims might do the trick but I’m to cheap to buy them right now.

Sorry had use camera on my phone.

Gap is not very wide but wide enough to lay multiple strings on

Comparing it to a blue YYF’s DV888

Blue Rubber Response System. When it’s on the wider gap setting the Dash is on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being completely unresponsive) it rates a 8. it will catch every once and a while.

The bearing is separate and is not a click in like YYJ or YYF.

Gap Settings.
Bronze is more narrow and make the yo-yo more responsive. this helps for if you are wanting to get a metal yo-yo but you still are on intermediate tricks and aren’t comfortable with binding yet.

Silver is a wider gap and make the yo-yo for the most part unresponsive. It still responds but I haven’t cleaned the bearing yet so that might make a difference.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy this yo-yo. despite the not so great return system it can pull of many tricks that I llike to do including tricks like spirit bomb and gyroscopic flop. Great for 1A play and is fun with Counter Weight. I would recommend this yo-yo to someone the wants to get a first time all metal for a cheap price or to anyone else who wants another metal for only 30 bucks

Over all I would give this yo-yo an 8 out of 10

Good review. This actually sounds like it would be a pretty decent yo-yo if they replaced the piece of junk rubber response system and put a regular C sized bearing in there.

Totally agree able. that way you could throw a kk bearing in there and it would help make it unresponsive.

Yeah, the rubber response and irregular bearing is just weird. Great review though! Very well done! :smiley:

Great review! I will definitely think a bout purchasing one.

Well, I’m going to guess a regular C doesn’t fit because the axle is too short? Why not make your own by cutting a bolt down to size? I have yet to actually do this but I know it works. (Well, bolt or screw, most likely screw because the threads are usually taller)

I think all the specs are slightly tweaked from the C bearing.

once the response pads wear down a little it become completely unresponsive if you use slick 6 or 100 percent cotton string and when i cleaned the bearing it slept forever. i can pull of tricks like and whut and even slacks like triangle lacerations and whips.

this yoyo is my second favorite and i got some pretty nice yoyo’s like the x convict, dark magic, dv888, and others.

feels way more comfortable then my DV888 when i play with it. but i still like the DV888 a little more but for the price of the dash it is totally worth it

I own both the dash and maverick. I personally prefer the dash. Both are decent, and play well. I wish I could put a new bearing in there though. The stock one just doesn’t do it for me. Once you clean the bearing and the rubber wears down, it’s relatively unresponsive. The biggest downfall is the axle length. It comes loose VERY frequently. But for $30, it’s a great backup

I still think the dash is a remake of the maverick. Or vise versa. There are small differances but still…

Is there any way to remove the rubber response system and put in flowable silicone or silicone pads?

just use a needle or scaple or something like that to pull it out

plus the plastic version of them is the yomega hot shot. Any ways great review man!!!

they already did