Yomega Dash 2013


Ok, since it has been a long time since I’ve owned a Yomega yoyo, I decided to review this one. The last Yomega I owned was the old edition of the Maverick, and I must say they have really done a good job at making a New and improved versions of the old yoyos. They really did a good job designing these and here is my review.


I opened up the box and wasn’t really surprised to see that the packaging wasn’t really changed or made very different from the old Yomegas. The box was plastic and I had to cut it with scissors. Nothing like the box that comes the Yomega Glide. But Packaging never bothers me because I immediately throw it away if it doesn’t house a Higher End yoyo.


They dramatically changed how the Yoyos look by adding a new Tribal design and a Powdercoat finish. It was really impressive, but the surface is slightly abrasive. It doesn’t grind well at all. It also has an organic profile and a rich Aqua coloring.


The Internals are the biggest and most drastic modification from the old models.
The old models featured a blue rubber response, a strange bearing size, and spacers. The new ones have much better, and modern internals. 19mm response, and a 10 Ball bearing. No spacers also.


On the string it feels very similar to the Maverick. The size etc. But, it feels heavier and extremely Solid and dense. It moves slowly and carries momentum well. It like how it plays. It is not often that you will find a very tiny yet Super heavy yoyo. This yoyo is honestly more solid on the string, more than the Spyy Ronin, which is the most solid yoyo I have ever thrown. Also, it has a little IRG groove which is neat. I can see this yoyo making a Great 5a throw, or 3a Pair. But overall, it’s a great solid aluminum yoyo.

Who Would I Recommend This To?

~ People who like small, hefty yoyos.
~ Someone looking for their first Aluminum yoyo.
~ People Curious to try out Yomegas new stuff, such as myself.

I hope you liked my review! Leave Constructive Criticism!

I need more Feedback so I can give you guys the best review I can!

Thanks for reading


Nice review, thank you! Have you thrown the “new” C-bearing Maverick by chance? I ask only for the sake of comparison. I know Yomega has experienced ups and downs in the yoyo community but I’ve truthfully always been a fan. I really loved the original Maverick and I really enjoy the newer C sized bearing Maverick, I’ll probably pick up this Dash.


I tried it yes.

It’s a little slimmer and lighter.

This is better in my opinion.