(fella_) #1

hello i need your guys opinion,
what yo-yo do you guys like, what yo-yo did you start on, what was your first trick, and any other cool stories that you want to share about yo-yo stuff ;D

(fella_) #2

I started yo-yoing about 2 weeks ago with a barely used duncan yo-yo that i got interested in again! Last Wednesday I got my first ball bearing yo-yo a duncan speed beetle. I have been learning steadily ever since. :slight_smile:




My best advice is for you to use the tutorials here at YYE in the order they are given. The yoyo’s you have right now are ok to learn the basics with. Other wise just read through the forums here and try to digest what is being said and read what is popular and why. Then when you have some good ideas ask the questions you need to.


I like 3 main yoyos. Auldey Luminous for floaty fun,YYF Genesis for casual,YYJ Phenom for speed and competition (yet to go to one…) Sadly, the Luminous has a sharp edge which cuts string in 5 min., the Genesis is wobbly because I dinged and sanded it unevenly, and my Phenom…well, let’s say I still have the caps and the box…
Mint condition w/ box! :slight_smile:

My very first yoyo was a Peter-Fish Dominator(discontinued). My serious starting yoyo was YYF Velocity. Both are now in my yoyo graveyard. R.I.P :’(

My first trick was Ladder Escape. No, not the sleeper, what are you thinking?! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was around 5-8 [I’m in early teen years now], there was a guy in my neighborhood who yoyo’d. He was friends with one of my older friends and came with him to my street. Well, I remember saying to him “What’s so great about a yoyo?” Ohh…the irony…


If you like Duncan, you’ll like their new Torque, too. I tried one at the Orlando kiosk and it was light and fast. I was impressed. The wife wanted to go so I couldn’t get one at the time. :’(