Yo-Yo's Featured in IEEE Magazine November 2009


thought some people might find this interesting and yoyonation and yoyoexpert got a nod in this as well


Nice to know that yoyoing is starting to make magizine articles :slight_smile:


thats awesome (love the yellow new breed)


Ernie is so awesome…

(SR) #5

YAY! We are finally being noticed! I bet everyone who reads that is like, “What the… $120s for a YO-YO? That’s insane.” And then I would say, “What the… $200 for a pair of shoes? That’s crazy.”

So Yeah… lol

(Nova) #6

Exactly! Funny, funny.


The Washington Post did a front page article about the North East Regionals in their magazine a couple months ago. That’s what got me into yoyoing.

(Mikey) #8

Yeah, Tyler Severence was on the cover.