yo-yoing for talent show today HELP!

I am yo-yoing for a talent show today and I am really nervous
I planned my routine and practiced but does anyone have any suggestions?

Don’t get too nervous. Make sure that you wash your hands and arms before the routine, and dry them completely. Make sure your hands aren’t sweaty, the washing of hands will do the trick. Play with completely dry, washed, hands. Change your string! Don’t lube your bearing, change it etc. it will probably worsen your play. Just have fun!

You will probably get really sweaty hands if you are nervous. I get that all the time when I play on stage, which makes my fingers slippy on the strings. If you have any palm grinds planned, it’s better to ba one the safe side and go with some gloves or powder (yes people use this).

Do you have any backup yoyos? If you have, bring some extra if one should snag. But please do remeber to have your backups with string. And you should use fresh string. A snap-and-fly would be a bit embarrasing at a contest.

Non-yo-yoers don;t like Tech. Start simple, then work your way up to the more complicated tricks. Full Body tricks are the most important, things like Eli-Hops and Leg Wraps.

can you show us your routine

Just calm yourself down. Try not to think that there’s people in front of you. Make sure you know your routine well and make it smooth. The most important part though, have fun with it. That is the most important thing about any hobby or sport and people stop liking it when it stops being fun.

also try boingys and revolutions :wink:

well i just did a show for my church. alsong as you just do what u usaly do you should be fine just dont worry. do what i do try to put a lil comedy in your show. every one loves a laugh. just think i can do this and you will be able to do it. you will do great man. remember my saying" just keep it spinning".

Keep it spinning™

Just go out there and be yourself. Make sure you have fun.

I agree. Don’t be tense and unhappy. Have fun, be happy, smile, and make eye contact with the audience. You want to do a good job, but also show how fun yoyoing is :wink:

Here is kinda of an Idea:

He start off with some easy and get harder, and I agree with everyone above me and don’t do tech tricks or GTs, the don’t really know what they are, as DrYoYo said,

Im not sure if it’s too late, but be calm like everyone said and just yoyo. Sure theres a routine but expect that you might change it and let your sub-conciousness take over (sorta) it’s all natural.

  1. Stay Calm

  2. Dry Sweating Hands

  3. Pull up your fly

  4. Stop reading this and kick some butt!