Yo-yoing at a major-league baseball game

Does anybody know if you can bring a yo-yo with you to a baseball game or will security get all butt hurt and take it??

I’ve never gotten stopped before

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

I got asked to stop yoyoing at a Greatful Dead concert once, does that count? Guess they thought the stoned hippies would end up getting hit in the head.

I’ve brought a yoyo to a couple MLB games with no issues though. Still. you never know these days. I think if I were going to bring one, I’d stick to plastic. Looks less “This here thing could be a WEAPON!” than metal.

It’s TSA approved so your good

Ummm, TSA and stadium security are different animals. Private/volunteer security people tend to take themselves too seriously.

Very true but sense September 11 2001 the TSA has taking themselves way to seriously

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Alls I’m sayin is… Before everyone gets but hurt… Is if you can make it through TSA you should be just fine if you can’t I’d caution against it… It’s a good rule book to abide by when asking should I bring this somewhere that has a bunch of security

A lot of major league sports venues don’t even allow you to bring in a bag of any kind.

I don’t know for sure, but I imagine if you stick to plastic and don’t try to hide it it seems like you might be ok

Why even bring a yoyo to a Baseball game?

I remember waaaay back when I was a kid; they use to sing this song, ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’. I don’t recall any of the lyrics mentioning yoyos? :nerd_face:

If you can consider Baseball as a form of ‘Entertainment’; why is there a need to bring you own entertainment? 7th inning stretch? Going to a Cubs game?

Something I also find mildly amusing. People regularly talk about ‘pocket yoyos’.

If you have to take yoyo to a ball game; why not just put a yoyo in your pocket?


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Very true, since the TSA wasn’t formed until November 19th, 2001

Im not a sportsball guy, quite the contrary. So if someone took ME to a MLB game, id find a corner to yoyo in too since i really doubt i could be interested in a game for more than a few seconds. Just my 2 cents.

Regardless of the “entertainment” discussion and as a former " Blue Coat" for Bill Graham Presents… I can verify that volunteer and house security take themselves very seriously and if they are truly “searching” for problems… They will question it. But if you explain it as the compulsion it is… They’ll most likely let it ride. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are right before the TSA it was private contractors and I never had a problem bringing yoyos on then either which furthers my point… Any how sorry for the wrong choice of words but thanks for the history chimera

Then; one of two things should happen: either don’t go to the ball game or they shouldn’t even ask you to go.

Why would you even bother to go anywhere for something you have no interest in?

…hey; do you want to go to a baseball game with us? Sure; but I have zero interest in baseball. So I will just make a left turn at the hot dog stand and yoyo in the corner for 3 hours😳


My 2 cents


YOYO in a corner for three hours well different people walk by and stop to watch me… Could think of anything better also gets yoyos out there…

My 2 cents!

For everyone thinking I’m being vain by saying will stop and watch me… It happens every where I go every time I’m out in public people stop to watch… It’s amazing how many people will sit and watch something spinning on the end of a sting… Simplicity is amazing!

Security guards are not your problem. Being in crowds of people and swinging a spinning top around on a string do not mix well. These people have paid big money to watch baseball; not yo-yo. What are you doing playing yo-yo at a baseball game anyway? Showing off?

Imagine how you would feel if your child or grandmother were smacked, inadvertently, in the face by someone playing yo-yo at a baseball game? How would that person feel about “chill” security guards, the stadium or the baseball team? How about their lawyer?

Do the sport a favor and yo-yo in appropriate places.

I personally like to go to places that I would say “I have no interest in.” It makes me try new things, meet new people, and even help me learn about myself. I guess that’s an interest though, going to events I’m not interested in…

I’ve never had an issue

Maybe it depends on how good you yoyo… :slight_smile:

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