Yo-Yo too responsive!

Hey, so I have a Dark Magic Two, and when I use the thin bearing, it’s too responsive. Like, when I do a brain twister mount, the yoyo comes right back to my hand before I even bring my hands together. Also, in trapeze, if I bring my hands together, or close to each other, it comes back to my hand. I know is isn’t normal because I wasn’t having this problem before. All suggestions will be welcome.

When you use thin lube, you have to break the bearing back in again. Using too much lube can also result in responsiveness. You want to use as little as possible. You either have to play through it or clean your bearing.

Thin bearing is meant to be vry responsive. Put in the thick one.

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Did you put new response in recently?

No, and thanks for all your help.

Either put in the wider bearing or fix your throw. Preferably the latter.

Well, i found out what was happening today. It was because of knots in my string! Every time the knots went under my yo-yo it would grab them and come shooting back to my hand. Thanks for your help everyone.