Dark Magic 2 help

Hi, so I recently got my dark magic 2 and I’m loving it so far except for one thing. I’m using the string that came with it and whenever I mount or trapeze or whatever, it seems like the string is slowing down the yoyo a lot more than my other yoyo. Now I’ve seen videos of crazy sleep times and tricks and tutorials with long sleep times in the mounts and I can mimic it very well. I’m playing responsive, as are the players in the videos, but my sleep times aren’t very long at all. Is this just a “break the yoyo in” kinda thing or what?


Are you using the thin bearing? When I use the thin bearing, I can barely handle matrix. Use the large bearing.

The string that comes with it might be cotton get some poly string.

Yeah I am using the thin bearing because I’m playing responsive but I’ve seen others play responsive with this yoyo. I think I’ll try some poly string.


None of these will replace a good, strong throw. Working on your throw is the best thing anyone can recommended.


Yeah i agree, a good throw and also when you have the yoyo on the string make sure your hands are in a straight line. you dont want one out farther from your body than the other.

Also, you can use the wide bearing for responsive playing as well. Just lube it first. It will be responsive.

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What they Said.

as well as teh Other poster saying keep your hands even. once out of alignment the string will rub. it’s all practice.

Work on your throw, use Poly. string. And thick lube the large bearing if you want it responsive.

The problem thin bearing’s is that your string will most likely touch the side of the yo-yo. If you use the Speed Bearing, and work on your throw, your spin times can really go up to 2 mins +.

I just put thick lube in my speed bearing and it’s not responsive. Do I need to put a lot because I only put one drop on each side.

EDIT: False, I just needed to work then lube in.

Woah, a drop of thick lube on each side? That should make it very responsive. You don’t have to put in a whole lot. One drop is enough maybe 2 but not more than that.