Bearings and string


I finally got my new yyj Dark Magic 2,but I want to know about bearings,so I want to ask which are good bearings that will give incredible sleep time so I want to ask if you guys can give me a list of recommended bearings and which is the best of that list please. Also,can you guys recommend me a good polyester yoyo string. Please if you an help I’ll be very thankfull ;D


I would recommend some stock poly from here, and a OD TenBall or a Crucial Grooved bearing. Or a center track.


What’s wrong with the fatty bearing you get with the DM2. That’s gonna give you pretty much all your going to get.


Your throw has way more to do with incredible sleep times than a bear. No doubt a bearing will help, but a bearing alone isn’t the solution.

A properly cleaned and lubed YYJ Speed Bearing(like the bigger bearing that comes with your DM2) will easily spin for over 5 minutes on a good, strong, LEVEL throw, at least that’s what I’ve gotten out of it.

I won’t make bearing recommendations at this point. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. There’s a LOT of good bearings out there.

My preferred set-up in the DM2 is a Terrapin X Wing Cut bearing. I have 2 DM2’s and they are both set up the same. I’ve tried other stuff in the DM2s, including CenterTracs, OD 10-Ball, Dif-E-Yo KK’s, Crucial Grooved and even the Trifecta bearing. The Terrapin X wing cut worked best for me. I can’t say that will or won’t work best for you.

Some throws I like with KK’s, some with CenterTracs, some with OD 10 Ball, some with other stuff. Most I find work fine with the stock flat bearing. No need to change what is already working good for me. Sometimes I won’t even bother to change the bearing or play around with different bearings if I’m already satisfied with the performance. I have a friend who puts Crucial Grooved bearings in everything. As you can see, choice and preferences play a big factor in things as well. There’s no “right”, and there’s no “better/best”, it’s about what is combination is what works the best for you.

As far as string, nothing wrong with YYE bulk 100% polyester. I’ve been experimenting with more string types recently, including Kitty String, StringLabs and other stuff. I can’t say anything positive or negative. Different? Yes. Better? Maybe. I’m starting to get what Sniffy says about matching strings to yoyos, it’s making more sense to me. Even so, I got plenty of YYE bulk string and I am planning to order more in the near future to bundle into an order with some bearings. I got a couple of yoyos coming in that I’ve discovered work best with KK bearings in them(through testing). I like to always have at least one “open” bearing of each type so I can experiment with. Once a bearing finds a new home, then that bearing must be replaced!

That reminds me, I need to order a few more Terrapin X bearings soon. Better start writing my “wish list” down.


Well thank you very much every one,but I don’t have problems with my bearings or DD2 I just wanted to learn about the bearings and about the throws,I know the throw is a HUGE part of the sleep time,but my height doesn’t help.I need shorter string to be able to get a good throw,but if I have it short I dont have enough string for the tricks.I know that if I stand up on a chair with long string I could give it an immense throw compared to when I do it standing on the floor.Also whe I do have longer string and I throw I literary slam it on the floor,but thanks alot im still looking for my correct string height :smiley:


My kid is 6 and is playing full length strings now. His insistence, mostly created through his playing MY yoyos. Throw OVER your not throw hand and lift up. But, anything he does with short strings he can do with long strings. You might want to consider undersized yoyos, like the XCon Pro, Hitman Pro, Cafe Racer, G-Funk and even the dv888. The smaller size might really do it for you.


I’m assuming your a beginner no problem everyone has these questions. My answer: look around. There’s plenty of strings and bearings to suit you. I’d recommend a flat ceramic bearing so you don’t have to worry about maintenance for a while (under the yoyoexpert replacement bearings) as for string 100% poly for yoyoexpert or normal kitty strings would be a great choice. They are reliable and can be bought in bulk. I’d also look into flowable silicone or silicone pads as you’ll need to replace the response at some point too.