Yo-yo stuck together

Got a knot is there any chance this doesn’t unscrew I’ve tried hard.


It’s a vali 2 by zeekio

It definitely unscrews, all ball bearing yoyos do. Put it in the freezer for an hour and try again.

That Vali 2 is an awesome little yo once you change the stock bearing for something center tracking!

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I figured but had to ask because I’ve never had a yo-yo come stuck like this and I’ve bought around 100 YoYos over the years. But yeah it’s awesome wish it had a C bearing because I have no other D bearings but it plays great even with the stock honestly…


If you haven’t got your yoyo to come apart yet, watch this>


Nice!!! Good tip…

of note, do NOT re-tighten this way :grimacing::rofl:


The Vali 2 is steel, right? It’s probably fine.

i just meant generally, for over-tightening sake…

This is what I needed gonna try this today!

I overtightened once when I was young on a YyJ legacy never did after that learned my lesson

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