My YYR E=mc2 isn't unscrewing

Well, my E=mc2 isn’t unscrewing. I need some help figuring out why. And/or how to unscrew it. I always clean my bearings so thats why i need to unscrew my yoyo. Please Help!!

Thanks in advance!


Is the bearing in anyway acting up? If its not I’d just leave it be. If your adamant on opening it, simply unscrew it. Stock YYRs are extremely tight and just unscrew with some force.

Is it moving? If so, maybe something is stripped. If it’s not moving, be gentle but just try harder, and to the left! However, if you’re constantly unscrewing yoyos, you already know which direction to go.

ive been trying to unscrew for like an hour now, with lots of force and its not moving.

ya its definitely stripped.

All the YYR I’ve tried have been very hard to unscrew, they just need a little more effort than normal throws.

Put on some gloves to give you more grip, or those rubber things you use to open new jars to try and get some more force to unscrew it.

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my dad has actually been like twisting so hard and it moves, but its not unscrewing. so imma try putting some corrosion block on the bearing to loosen it up as much as possible, and if i cant unscrew it, i dont know what im gonna do. i got it from someone on the forums so i dont think i can send it to yyr to exchange or anything.

Try using a vice with rubber padding and a pair of pliers with rubber padding.

All YoYoRecreation yoyos take a bit of extra force to unscrew the first time. I highly doubt your E=MC2 is corroded or galled if it hasn’t been unscrewed before, so just give it a bit more force (or get your dad to give it a bit more force) and use some devices to gain more leverage.

If you’re dead-set on unscrewing it in the first place, I’m sure YYR would be willing to give you a few bits of advice if you’ll e-mail them with your questions.

Excuse my language but you sir are a damn genius. I put on some latex gloves and my first try at unscrewing it, it came apart. Lol. Thanks sooo much!

lol it turned the other D word into darn. lol